My name is Ray Yanagisawa. I was an English major at Tufts University when I realized that my true calling was photography. So I applied and attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, where I graduated with a B.A. in Industrial Photography.   While there, I took an introductory class in Photoshop.  I was amazed at the capabilities of the program (and this was version 2.0!), so I purchased the program and explored all of the different things that it would allow me to do.  After graduation, I returned home to Connecticut and worked on a few medical textbooks that my father, Dr. Eiji Yanagisawa, wrote.  I formatted all of the pages for the books to be ready for publication.  While working on the last textbook, I was hired by a new camera shop in Milford, CT to do Photoshop work - image compositing, retouching, background removals, etc.  I also started shooting events, weddings and my niece and nephews' sporting events, as well as shooting freelance  assignments for the local newspapers.

Over the years, my responsibilities at Milford Photo expanded to large format printing, fine art paper printing, maintaining and troubleshooting several Mac computers and peripherals, and designing a large proportion of the ads and billboards for the store, several of which won awards from Barrett Communications, the billboard company.